Internet Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Any real estate investor has one fundamental objective when opening a website – to generate traffic and convert it to leads. You can then develop business, close deals, and generate revenue.

But traffic cannot be useful to your business unless it comprises of people who have an interest in your products. For investors in the real estate industry, targeted traffic would include cash buyers, motivated sellers, and private lenders.

Owning a website is just the beginning. The challenge is directing the desired audience to the site. You do this by utilizing inbound marketing strategies and search engine optimization (SEO). Here are some tips that work for real estate investors.

  1. Start By Reaching Out to Customers

To sell property, most people prefer the FSBO route or listing houses with real estate agents. If they decide to sell to an investor, they usually go for the business or person they know and get an instant cash offer.

For this reason, you should start by driving targeted traffic to your website instead of aiming for high search engine ranking. You can address online competition later.

Get started with simple ways of reaching people, such as flyers, direct mail, postcards, Craigslist listings, and so on. Implement all methods that can generate leads and grow your business. A mix of tactics will increase the chances of business survival, even when one strategy fails.

  1. Create Blog Posts and Share Them

After attracting prospects, you’ll want to create authority and credibility in the industry. Writing a weekly blog post and sharing it will help to stand out from the pack.

There are a host of real estate topics that would be interesting to your readers. Write informational posts about difficult situations like dealing with estates, probates, tax liens, foreclosures, and more. Other topics to spike interest in your site include neighborhood stories, travel tips, advice on shopping for property, and review of local businesses.

The issues you can write about are limitless. Focus on things that matter to your target traffic and make your post as resourceful as possible.

  1. Make Attractive Offers

How will your real estate investor’s website convert? By giving the audience compelling offers. You must devise ways to entice cash buyers and motivated sellers to do business with you. For instance, you can offer a free report to sellers interested in selling homes to you or cash buyers looking to purchase from you.

Your lead generation can skyrocket when you give a highly compelling offer coupled with a powerful call to action (CTA). Conclude every blog post or piece of content with the offer and CTA.

  1. Implement Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization involves tweaking your website design and content to make it rank high in search engines for specific keywords and phrases. It helps to boost the amount and quality of traffic coming to your site through organic search results.

Search engines give priority to keywords when someone searches the internet. Learning the real estate keywords suitable for your inbound marketing strategy and exploiting them is an excellent way of driving targeted traffic to your site.

The effectiveness and accuracy of your keywords will impact the likelihood of your page or blog post featuring in search results. Not all industry keywords and phrases will work for all pieces of content. For this reason, you’ll have to continually search the real estate niche for keywords to keep your website or blog relevant.

Wrapping up

To promote your real estate investor’s business, you need a combination of outbound and inbound marketing strategies. Aim to attract customers, build credibility with blog posts, design compelling offers, and direct targeted traffic to the site with SEO. Excellent content and links to your website can make your leads soar through the roof.

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